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The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
There are There and Back Again Writing Exercises stories in this listing.
There and Back Again Writing Exercises
1 - Drabbles! Compose a drabble of exactly 100 words.
Éomer experiences the depths of despair. Inspired by a screenshot from the movie.

Gimli appreciates Helm's Deep.

2 - Point of View
Write a scene taking place during an event in LOTR (book or movie), from the Point of View of someone who was there (canon or original character, your choice). What was it like to be there? What did they see, smell, hear, etc.? Write this same scene three times, using First, Second and Third Person narration for each.
3 - Descriptive Writing
Describe a place in Middle-earth from the POV of a character who grew up there (any character of your choice, any place of your choice).
4 - Descriptive Writing
Describe a place in Middle-earth from the POV of a character who is visiting for the first time. Have the character take a walk around this place and describe what they see.
5 - Sex scenes
Write a scene that revolves around sex (explicit or non-explicit) that gets to the emotion of the situation.
6 - Empty a character's pockets!
What does any character out of any of J.R.R. Tolkien's writings have in his or her pockets, pack, belt, scabbard, socks - wherever and whatever.
7 - Action & Dialogue
Describe your character through actions and dialogue.
8 - Conflict!
Write about a confrontation, a conflict, an argument between two characters of "The Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit" or "The Silmarillion". The conflict can be very serious or it can be just a mild disagreement.
9 - When Metaphors Go Bad
Face the bad metaphor head on. Write a LOTR drabble (or longer, if you feel like it) using all four of the 'bad metaphors'. Then re-write the drabble, aiming to "dazzle with clarity".
10 - Dialogue-Only
An exploration of dialogue-only fics, which are kind of like listening in to a conversation on the other side of a door. This is a short fic that uses only dialogue between two characters. If it doesn't appear inside quote marks, it's not allowed.
11 - Crossover Drabbles!
Drabbles that cross the borders of at least two fandoms, one of them being Tolkien's Middle-earth.
12 - Catch Up Excercise.
This was an "off" month to catch up, so no new exercise.
13 - How to Critique.
Critique workshop, so no new story.
14 - Self-Insertion
Write a drabble, poem, ficlet, short story, novella or novel in one of the most important sub-genres of fanfiction: self-insertion.
15 - A Fish Out of Water
Put your character in a situation where they are completely out of their element.
16 - Secret Easter Bunny Story Swap.
Exchange Fic.
17 - Writing Prompt: "You should have kept that ring on."
18 - Original Characters
Introduce us to an Original Character, with biographical sketch, timeline, analysis and BEDP (Boggart - Erised - Dementor - Patronus)
19 - Clicé Awareness Month
Use clichés in new and interesting ways.
20 - IT LIVES!!!
Raise a character from the dead.
21 - Sensory Description
Describe a person/place/thing in Middle-Earth using only one sense at a time.
22 - Rating Your Fic
Write a short fic at different rating levels.
23 - Colorful Language
Write a drabble (or more) that has the characters using colorful language. Then, explain why you chose those particular words for these people.
24 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Write a drabble based on a piece of artwork.
25 - Write a Summary
Pick a story and write a summary that would make people want to read it.
26 - Many Meetings
What was the very first meeting of your favorite characters like?
February 2010 - Romantic Dinner Challenge
A Meal Fit for a King
Éowyn surprises her husband. Includes recipes! Movie-verse.

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