The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth

Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction

The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Chapters: 1  •  Words: 100  •  Rating: General

It was a burden to be the eldest, Pearl thought, as she watched her sisters arguing between them over who got to hold the baby next. At least Merry wasn't here. He argued louder than Nel and Vinca combined.

Peregrin was sound asleep in her arms, oblivious to his squabbling sisters. His ability to sleep through anything was a particular habit she was glad he had. She eyed her sisters. Especially in this house.

"Go outside, you'll wake the baby!" she scolded. They pouted at her, but obeyed. She smirked. Maybe it wasn't so bad being the eldest after all.

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