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Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction

The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Chapters: 1  •  Words: 100  •  Rating: General
There and Back Again

Frodo peeked into the study, anxiously biting his lip. Bilbo's back was to him, hunched over his desk, his quill scratching over parchment. Frodo was still unsure of how to act around Bilbo. He'd only been at Bag End for a few days now.

"Don't just stand there in the doorway, lad," Bilbo said, never taking his eyes from his writing. "Come in, come in."

Frodo sidled over to the desk and Bilbo beamed up at him, pointing at the page.

"What do you think of that, then?" he asked.

Frodo peered at the words. 'Bilbo had escaped the goblins...'

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