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The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
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Welcome Home

Ivy looked up as the door to Pippin’s study opened. She dropped her book and grinned.

“Pippin!” she squealed, and got up to throw herself in her husband’s arms. She’d missed him. It was the first time they’d ever really been separated since their marriage. Pippin and her father and Sam had been away ‘touring the Shire’ for two weeks.  

“Hello, love,” he said and kissed her. She would have liked nothing better than to stay in his embrace, but a cough from her father and a giggle from Pervinca, who had followed them in, made the couple break apart.

“Doesn’t your old Dad get a welcome?” asked Merry, trying to sound hurt.

“Sorry, Dad,” she said. She slipped away from Pippin to hug her father.  He smiled at her and patted her belly. “And how’s my grandchild doing?” he asked, grinning.

“We’re good,” Ivy said, laying a hand on the slight bulge.

Her father beamed at her. He was really looking forward to being a grandfather. He took her hand and squeezed it. “Well, I’d better let you get back to your husband. He missed you.” He winked at her and turned to Pervinca. “Which room should I take tonight, Vinca?”

They left, closing the door behind them, leaving Ivy to greet her husband properly.

“I missed you,” he said before capturing her mouth in a deep kiss. His hands slid to her back and pulled her tight against him. She could feel how hard he was already. She slid a hand down to touch him. “That was fast,” she giggled.

He groaned. “That has been there since just after we left Hobbiton. I thought about seeing you again today and...” He sighed and shook his head. “That’s about all I could think of the whole ride home.”

She giggled. Pippin scowled at her. “It’s not funny! I’ve been very uncomfortable! And it’s not like I could have stopped and done anything about it with your Dad there!”

She gulped down her laughter and tried to look serious. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to--” The laughter bubbled out of her and she clapped her hands over her mouth.

“Oh, you still thinks it’s funny?” he said. He gave her a wicked grin and turned back to flip the lock on the door.

Ivy’s eyes widened. “Here?” she asked.

He stepped close to her and leaned in to her ear. “I don’t think I’d make it to the bedroom,” he whispered. He touched her breast, making her shiver. “I think I’d end up taking you right there in the hallway if I have to wait much longer.”

Ivy squeaked when he grabbed her and kissed her. He moved his hands all over her--up her back, to her hips, to her breasts and around to her back again as he slowly pushed her farther into the room. She gripped his hips to steady herself. They stopped when she backed into the desk.

She reached up and slid his coat off, letting it drop to the floor. She broke the kiss and pushed him back a little to work on the buttons of his shirt. She leaned forward to kiss the exposed skin as she opened his shirt, her tongue darting out to taste him, her deepening breaths inhaling his scent. She slowly travelled down his body until she was kneeling in front of him. She dipped her tongue into his navel and started on his trousers. He groaned and tangled his fingers into her long blonde hair.

She tugged open the trouser buttons to release his erection and dipped her head to run her tongue over the velvet soft skin.

“No, wait,” he gasped and grabbed her upper arms to pull her upright. He kissed her deeply, then whispered against her mouth, “I want to be inside you.”

Ivy glanced at the couches. They were a bit small. “Where?” she asked.

He gave her another wicked grin. “Turn around.”

She furrowed her brow, confused at to what he had in mind. He gripped her hips and turned her so that she faced away from him. He gently pushed between her shoulders, bending her over slightly. She put her hands on the desk to support herself and smiled. Now she knew what he had in mind.

He ran his hands over her hips and legs and lifted her skirt up until she felt cool air on her bare bottom. Then his fingers were on her, sliding into her, while his other hand came around to caress her breasts. “Ivy,” he breathed.

She moaned and pushed back onto his fingers. There was no friction. Her desire had made her wet and ready as soon as she’d first embraced him. He always did that to her.

His other hand slid inside her blouse and his fingers teased her hard nipple. She moaned again. Gods, she’d missed him!  

He pulled his fingers out of her and she made a noise of protest in her throat. “Sorry, love,” he said, bending down to kiss her shoulder. “But I’m not going to last long.”

She nodded. “I know.” She turned to smile at him over her shoulder. “You can make it up to me later,” she said and winked. He laughed and kissed her shoulder again.

Ivy arched her back and gasped when he thrust into her. He had his arms around her now, caressing her breasts and belly, his hands moving in the same rhythm as his hips. “Pippin,” she sighed. She bowed her head, letting the sensations of his touch flow over her. Her eyes rested on the stack of papers between her hands, waiting for Pippin to deal with on his return. She suddenly wondered how many other Thains had had their wives or lovers on this desk. She bit back a giggle at the thought.

Pippin was right that it wouldn’t take long, because his thrusts suddenly quickened and then he was grunting and gasping with his release. He collapsed against her back, breathing hard, his hands gripping the edge of the desk to keep his weight off her.

He pushed himself upright and pulled out of her. She grimaced. She hated the moment when the connection between them ended. It always felt like she was losing something.

He caressed her bottom and she stood upright. He put his arm around her and pulled her back against his chest, keeping his other hand under her skirt. He reached around to touch the curls between her legs. “Your turn,” he murmured into her ear.

She wanted him to bring her to climax, very much, but they’d been locked away long enough. She sighed. “No. We’ll be expected at dinner soon. You can make that up to me later, too, though.”

“Mmmm,” he sighed. “I certainly will make it up to you.” His hands moved up to caress the swell of her belly. “I think you’re bigger than when I left,” he said, nuzzling her neck. His hands came up to gently squeeze her breasts. “These are bigger, too.”

She rolled her eyes and stepped out of his embrace. He was trying to give her his ‘Innocent Took’ look. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“We need to go get cleaned up.”

He pouted at her but started closing the buttons on his clothes. Ivy straightened her skirt and patted her hair. Pippin’s fingers and loosened the comb holding her hair back. She pulled it out. She’d have to fix it in their room, where she had a mirror.

She picked his coat up off the floor and handed it to him. “Thanks, love,” he said. He took her hand and led her to the door.

In the hall, they met her father and Vinca, heading to dinner themselves. Vinca looked them up and down and started giggling.

“What?” Pippin asked.

“So tell me, which couch do I want to avoid?” Vinca laughed.

Ivy felt her face heat with a blush. She was still getting used to Pippin’s sisters teasing them about sex. They were as bad as Estella.

Pippin was blushing, too, but he just frowned at his sister. “We didn’t--”

Vinca snorted. “You’ve done your buttons up wrong, little brother,” she said with a grin. Ivy looked at Pippin’s shirt. It was, indeed, off by a button. Why hadn’t she noticed that?

Pippin glared at Vinca. “If you must know, it was the desk, not a couch!” Then he snapped his mouth shut, wide-eyed, and looked over at Merry. Ivy cringed. Her poor father was staring at them, his face bright red. She’d forgotten he was there. So had Pippin, obviously. “Sorry, Merry,” Pippin mumbled.

“Erm...” her father said.

“Oh, really, Merry!” Vinca said, giving her cousin a shove. “Where do you think that baby in her belly came from?”

Ivy snorted, choking back a laugh. Estella was always telling her Dad the exact same thing. She smiled apologetically at her father when he glared at her.

“Yes, well, I don’t need to hear that she’s...” He waved his hands helplessly. “...on a desk...” Merry glared at Pippin, then Vinca.

Vinca rolled her eyes and grabbed Merry’s arm to pull him down the hall. “We’ll see you two at dinner,” she said, grinning at them over her shoulder, “ if you don’t get distracted.”

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