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The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
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A battle ensues. Words used: amicable, righteous, assault, learn
Éomer experiences the depths of despair. Inspired by a screenshot from the movie.
A Rider reflects on his duty. Words used: halt, soften, gradual, focus
An Éowyn drabble. Words used: pastern, field, nonetheless, life.
Guardians of Rohan. Words used: opposite, fail, mark, dawn, range
Gimli contemplates his home. Words used: scheme, mountain, consider, other
The not-so-glorious aspects of being a Rider of the Mark. Words used: indigence, awfulness, whinnied, hope.
Aragorn the hunter. Words used: bent, estimated, worn, plans.
Théoden thinks about the next king of Rohan. Words used: admiration, discipline, splendid, moving.
Songs of Rohan. Words used: power, sung, highland, days
Théoden/Elfhild drabble. Words used: Théoden, lingers, division, wanting.
Gimli appreciates Helm's Deep.
Rider of the Mark 
A young man contemplates his future. Words used: Mark, orders, wind, strength.
Éomer watches Shadowfax. Words used: flare, shrug, figment, portion
A short story about a young Éowyn and the events that shaped who she becomes.
Sorrow & Joy 
Théoden must deal with joy mixed with sorrow.
Éowyn before the battle. Words used: comfort, stalling, kinsmen, experience
Éomer takes a ride. Words used: The first 10 words had to start with the letters A,M,R,O,D,F,S,T,B,W.
This is a little something I wrote for juno_magic. It's based on three of her characters from her story Lothiríel. A little peek into the future of Taliesin, Solas and Danso.

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