The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth

Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction

The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Chapters: 1  •  Words: 100  •  Rating: General
Challenge: Fanfic 100 - The Roots of the Ivy  •  Prompt: 28 - Children
Group: Ivyverse

Pippin lazed in the sun, eyes closed, smiling happily. He was surrounded by squeals and laughter as his children played in the garden.

There was a time when he’d never thought he’d have this. He’d envied Merry and Sam at every birth of their own children. Fari’s conception had been nothing more than breeding an heir. An unpleasant task that was required in a loveless marriage.

He cracked open an eye. Ivy was sitting in the shade, a hand on her swelling belly, reading to the twins. She had changed all that. She had given him everything he’d ever wanted.

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