The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth

Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction

The Roots of the Ivy and Other Stories of Middle-Earth: Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Aranel Took's LOTR Fanfiction
Chapters: 1  •  Words: 100  •  Rating: General

Éowyn slid from her horse and ran a hand down his front leg. It was swollen a little around the pastern. The field was full of ground squirrels and he must have stepped in a hole. It didn't look too serious. Nonetheless, she'd have to walk him home.

She breathed in the summer air, the perfume of the plains accented by the comforting scent of her horse. She listened to the life around her, the buzz of bees, the chirping of birds, the swish of the tall grass in the wind. She could not imagine living anywhere other than Rohan.

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